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The Spice Road, Italy

Following the Spice Road to Procida, Italy with Opihr Gin & Grammar Productions

A journey to the Italian Island of Procida with Opihr Gin, documenting the stunning people & places that make up 'The Spice Route'. The shoot was undertaken in collaboration with Grammar Productions and is part of a larger series that will travel to Italy, Turkey, India & Malaysia. Episode One in Procida, Italy focuses on 24 hours with TV Explorer, Author & Photographer Levison Wood.

Content & Production

Base Camp Studios had the opportunity to work with Grammar Productions on a content shoot for Opihr Gin in Procida, Italy. The studio was tasked with capturing stills of the talent, Levison Wood, along with behind-the-scenes photos of the production crew. Additionally, Base Camp Studios was responsible for taking aerial footage of the island to be incorporated into the final film. With their expertise in outdoor photography and filmmaking, Base Camp Studios successfully executed the shoot, producing stunning visuals that highlighted the beauty of Procida and the essence of Ophir Gin.


Drone & Aerial


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