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The Ends of the Earth

Driving to The Ends of the Earth with Land Rover

Base Camp Studios recently embarked on an epic journey with Land Rover Norway to the most northern point of contiguous Europe. Along the way, the team captured stunning footage and images of the rugged landscapes, extreme weather conditions and daring adventures, showcasing the capabilities of the Defender 110 Hard Top in extreme environments. The resulting eight-part series for Land Rover Norway is a testament to Base Camp Studios' ability to produce high-quality content in the most challenging of locations. With their experience in film production, photography, and adventure documentation, Base Camp Studios is the ideal partner for anyone looking to capture the excitement and beauty of exploring the ends of the earth.

Content & Production

The team at Base Camp Studios embarked on an unforgettable journey to the ends of the earth in collaboration with Land Rover Norway. They set out from Oslo in a Defender 110 Hard Top and traveled through stunning landscapes, capturing breathtaking footage and imagery along the way.

Their journey took them to Oppdal, a scenic town known for its outdoor activities, before continuing on to Trondheim, where they captured footage of the historic architecture and vibrant city life. Next up was Mo i Rana, a charming town situated on the banks of the Rana River and surrounded by snow-capped mountains.

One of the highlights of the trip was their visit to the Arctic Circle Raceway, a famous motorsport track located in Northern Norway. Through some smooth talking, the team was granted private access to the track and drove the Defender around the frozen, snow-covered circuit, capturing some truly epic footage.

Continuing on their journey, they made their way to Lofoten, a breathtaking archipelago with towering peaks and stunning fjords. While there, they seized the opportunity to go ski touring in the high mountains, skiing from summit to sea and capturing some stunning images and footage.

The team then traveled to Overkalix to document Katy Parrott's journey on the 'Montane Lapland Arctic Ultra', a grueling race through the Swedish wilderness. Their final destination was Alta, where they documented the 'Finnmarkslopet' race, an annual dogsled race that covers over 1000 kilometers of rugged Arctic terrain.

Throughout the journey, the team produced a series of eight episodes for Land Rover Norway, showcasing the stunning landscapes and capturing the spirit of adventure that the Defender embodies. Their collection of high-quality images has been utilized by Land Rover throughout social media, and they also created an archive of car content such as drone footage, stills, and video clips.


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